Central Area Director Sends Congratulations to Our Branch

LaJuana J. Bivens

In a letter from LaJuana J. Bivens, the NAACP Central Area Director acknowledged the restart of the SLO County chapter:

‘Congratulations’ to the San Luis Obispo Branch for becoming our newest reactivated branch and attending Lobby Day as well. They are officially a part of the California/Hawaii State Conference and the Central Area. I am proud to be the Area Director in the Central Area because of each of you and your leadership.

“Thank you for answering the call to attend our 2017 Lobby Day in Sacramento. As always, you represented your branches and the Central Area well with your participation. This was a very impactful Lobby Day due to the very important legislation issues that we are currently tracking. Again, thank you for your support.”

LaJuana J. Bivens
Area Director, Central Area