Back to the Basics: Our 5 Point Plan in Building Relationships

The learning curve and activities for organizations often vary, but the NAACP with its history and broad scope, continues to fight racism and protect civil rights for all. Taking a stand for justice is not popular in the USA. Most people are silent and their silence supports oppression, which kills relationships and undermines our social, civil, political, and religious life. We have our work cut out for us, but where there’s a will there’s a way. We are on our way to change the world for the better. Our five- point plan will set our direction and help us to focus our energy:

1. To support and embrace diversity, justice, freedom, family, good food, good health and to encourage our communities to work together as ONE.

2. To offer culturally diverse programing, educational workshops, seminars and related events.

3. To participate in door-to-door community outreach programs (voter registration, community survey, community gardening, and civic engagement).

4. To network unselfishly for freedom, justice, and the human rights of all Americans and people of the world.

5. To perform civil rights investigations and be a source for information and referrals.

We’re on our way and we are moving forward; we are learning to work together; setting up the systems and procedures for our success and to make that CHANGE. Coming in March is our “New Membership Orientation” and our operational and communications process and procedures. Stay tuned. Our new membership meeting format will start in March.

Stephen Vines